Monday, August 8, 2011

The Quest

I sent out query letters to five agents.  I immediately got a response from one...The Seymour Agency.  She has requested more pages from me, and very helpful...gave me a couple of tips which I have followed religiously.  I am now a card carrying member of Romance Writers of America.  Of course, I already belong to a great critique group that meets each Saturday at B & N.  I have sent the pages requested to her and now sit and wait....want the postman to bring good news, but in reality, know that it will  likely be a rejection.  I just read that one published author had her book rejected 54 times.  I don't think I could go through that!  I have reached 24,000 words in my third manuscript.  At times, the characters just take over and I have no clue where we are heading but it is always a fun trip.
I continue my quest for an agent to take the leap of faith in me and my books!  Prayers and good thoughts are always needed!

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